Our Story

We are a team of architects, engineers and craftsmen who decided to imagine and build the perfect mobile holiday home for us and our families. We wanted something different from the mainstream white plastic caravans. It had to be functional, customizable, aestetical and solid. 

Inspired by the my minimalistic and ergonomic design of a smart phone, our caravan got simple and memorable profile with curved corners, straight side walls and maximum interior space. 

We chose to build it from  50mm architectural panels instead of the typical 32mm caravan walls. This made our shell much stronger and superbly insulated. Unlike other caravans, our shell is independent from the furniture and does not count on it for bracing. This gives us complete freedom inside – all furniture can be easily rearranged or even completely omitted without a problem. 

For the furniture we did not want to use any plastics or artificial materials like chipboards, so we built it from natural birch and poplar plywood. It got finished with natural wax.

Finally we designed and manufactured a rugged heavy duty chassis and put all of the above on it. 

The result surpassed our bravest expectations and was acclaimed by friends and fellow cavaneers. It was a joy to tow it around and get all this attention.

Friends and friends of friends talked us into building more of these fitted per their requests. 

After gained all this positive experience in the last three years we have decided to naturally turn this idea into a small volume custom product for contemporary travelers who want something different, functional and minimalistic. 

So, we named it Contempo, fulfilled the EU road certification and started production. 

If you like the idea of having a unique custom personal caravan and want to join the party let us know. You are welcome to select your colors, finishes and options on our Order page or simply drop us a call or email. We will love to have you on board and make your very own Contempo!

Thank you for visiting and spreading the word!

Your Contempo team.

Borislav I. architect

Our Design Mastermind

Dani M.

Our Business Engine